Dr. Singh is the first author in history to write books on the following topics:
  • 1st attempt by an author to create 100 millionaires based upon the strategies written in his popular book, "We Create Millionaires".

  • 1st to write about Real Estate and include the real addresses of multiple properties worth millions that he acquired with zero money down. The book provides readers with practical techniques they may use themselves.

  • 1st to write about Stock Options, after having traded $100 million through his personal accounts. He wrote of his strategies that had a success rate of 82%, and were studied by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

  • 1st to analyze in detail the mindset of immigrants who made billions, having started with almost nothing but a positive attitude.

  • 1st to write about the spiritual aspects of Christianity & Judaism and their comparison to Sikhism.

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  1. Dr. Singh's life is about giving and educating. He made tens of millions of dollars for himself and for charities starting with a total of $8. Now he wants to create 100 new millionaires by making them partners in his newest business venture and to write his 14th book about their successes.
  2. Read My Story to see the public record of Dr.Singh's unparalleled successes in different fields of life. The New York Times, NY Post and many others had full page coverage on his success stories.
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